Baggage system security where failure is not an option.

As security becomes ever more important, ensuring your systems are effective and compliant has become a business-critical activity. Ensuring your current systems are performing or your new planned systems will perform is a priority.

CHS Engineering Services is the leading independent Baggage System Testing Company in the world. CHS has been an independent engineering services company since 1985, providing baggage system services globally.

CHS can provide you with an end to end baggage system testing service assuring you that your systems are always security compliant and performing at their optimal level. CHS has significant experience testing Hold Baggage X-Ray and Explosion Detection Systems. CHS has provided these services to system owners, operators, maintainers, system suppliers and system Integrators.

The CHS Test Service includes the following features providing you with a one stop shop for all test requirements and a certificate of compliance:

  • Review of system design
  • Production or review of Test Plans
  • Management of testing
  • Provision of experienced test management personnel
  • Technical witnessing and assurance of tests
  • Provision of all types of test bags and items – Rental or purchase options available
  • Logistics management, handling and storage 

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A bit more about our Test Baggage

We have developed a unique range of Test Baggage for use in airport baggage handling systems (BHS), specialised Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) and Explosive Detection System (EDS). Our test bags are specially selected and equipped to sustain the technical and physical demands of the most intensive baggage security test programs.

Features Include:

  • Rugged and durable baggage designs that represent all luggage styles and weights
  • A variety of IATA specified luggage types that replicate typical passenger luggage  
  • Ruggedised labelling that includes unique IATA barcodes as an option for each item
  • Optional embedded RFiD tags that can be used as part of an automated test bag tracking system to ensure 100% identification when used with the CHS AutoRFiD system
  • Filling materials made up to agreed weights to represent a range of typical passenger bags
  • The filling materials are contained within fire suppressant polythene bags

Our Range

We provide 3 ranges of test baggage to cover all airport operational requirements:

1. Hold Baggage X-Ray Test Bags 

2. Volume Test Baggage

3. Out of Gauge Test Items

Hold Baggage X-Ray Test Bags

We supply 3 basic types of test bag for use in trialling and testing HBS X-Ray systems as follows:

1. Reject Test Bags
These test bags are designed to work with all airport X-Ray scanners including the new generation ECAC Standard 3 and TSA certified machines. 

2. Clear Test Bags

3. Level 4 Test Bags
The military grade case is tough and designed to be used on a daily basis to prove the Hold Baggage X-ray system is operating correctly, and to give operational confidence to security screening staff. 

IATA Volume Test Baggage

The CHS Volume Test Bag range incorporates Extra Large, Large, Medium and Cabin Sized bags in both hard shell and soft-shell ranges. 

IATA Out of Gauge (OOG) Test Items

Out of Gauge items represent the diversity of odd sized non-standard items that passengers’ often want to check-in to their flights. 

The CHS IATA reference range of OOG test items covers the luggage that can be expected at airport check-in desks and includes items such as sporting equipment, briefcases, rucksacks, military bags as well as baby seats and prams. These items can be supplied with IATA classification tags that include dimensional information, serial numbers, weight and identification barcoding.

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