With security threats becoming increasingly refined, and checked baggage constantly under inspection, a regulatory framework for aviation and airport security has now been established.

The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) has established a Technical Task Force to take on the development of technical specifications and testing methods to confirm compliance with the standards required for deployment in European airports.

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The ECAC Common Process of Security Equipment applies to explosive detection systems (EDS), liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS) and security scanners. The Next Generation Standard 3 requirements are creating new challenges for busy airports impacting engineering, operations, budget, safety and security.


How can we help?

As an independent business, we can provide you with answers and uncompromised advice based on real world performance and scenarios of next generation deployments.

Having already worked with international and regional airports on next generation deployments, it allows us to navigate you through the challenges and processes involved.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the aviation sector, and can easily give you the helping hand you need.

Real world performance

We have been providing live testing, commissioning and validation of the next generation standards and are in a unique position to give advice on witnessed performance, testing, and learning, ensuring optimum utilisation of your investment.

We also provide remote monitoring systems for all types standard 3 x-ray machine. This allows you to monitor key parameters and components with the machines enabling early identification of issues which reduces failure rates and improves availability.

Find out more on our Remote Monitoring Solutions.


Saving you time and money

We’re here to ensure that you have the support you need for the challenges of the Next Generation Standard. We can provide time and cost effective services and assurance through specification & design, evaluation & selection, construction, commissioning to validation and operational handover. 

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